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Lab/Shul 5780 Partnerhood

Ready to take your relationship with Lab/Shul to the next level?
Welcome to Partnerhood.

You can become a Partner of Lab/Shul by giving your time--in a Shul/Shift--and a financial contribution as you are able. In return, you’ll get access to benefits that give you a real dollar return on your investment, a vote and a voice in the future of Lab/Shul, and a place to be loved and belong. 

The various suggested contribution options enable you to give at a level that feels significant, while also ensuring Lab/Shul can thrive financially. Give more if you can, or less if you need to. A Shul/Shift is how we measure a time contribution: you can fulfill your Shul/Shift by volunteering at one of our events, participating on a team, lending your expertise, and many more ways. 

All contribution options receive the same membership benefits, with the exception of our Digital Partners and Visionary Partners. We welcome any and all contributions. Really.

Pick your Partnerhood option (please select one):

The amounts shown are suggested. If you need to give less, or would like to give more, please email Sarah Strnad at to contribute a different amount. 
If you wish to donate an amount above $10,000, please click here: Donate

Let's find you your Shul/Shift!

As a Partner, you/your household commit to at least one Shul/Shift--a unit of volunteering--per year. 
Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how exactly you’d like to volunteer, that’s okay! We will be in touch to help you find the right opportunity for you.


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